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Weight Management


Achieve Your Health & Lifestyle Goals

Optimal health is about much more than reaching a number on the scale. It’s about achieving the lifestyle you want and deserve. During your initial membership year, we partner with you to nurture your health journey, as well as explore, identify, and realize your healthiest self. This includes learning more about your experience with weight management, your lifestyle habits, any weight-related conditions, and barriers you may be experiencing. We will develop an individual treatment plan and track your progress through body composition changes with our clinic InBody, laboratory testing, and clinical assessments. From there, we will maintain your success through yearly management plans, including continued treatment recommendations and monitoring. Our memberships take a holistic view of your well-being through a combination of evidence-based approaches and medication management, as well as nutritional and exercise planning. The process is more than losing weight. It’s achieving health!

What Your Weight Loss Journey Will Look Like…

The First Year: Initial Weight Loss Membership

Initial evaluation screening

Tailored treatment plan creation

Extended, no-rush in-office visits for evaluations, monitoring, and screenings

Telehealth check-ins and follow-ups via phone and video calls

Direct doctor communication via email or text

Monthly body composition testing to track progress and success

Care coordination for weight and weight-related illnesses

Labwork at intake appointment including blood counts, liver and kidney tests, thyroid test, and glucose testing

Pre and post-operative bariatric surgery care

Nutrition planning

Exercise and movement counseling 


The Maintenance Years: Weight Management Membership

Continued treatment plan recommendations and monitoring

Continued no-rush office visits and telehealth appointments

Direct doctor line for questions and support

Yearly labs

Body Composition Testing

Weight Management Pricing

Year One: Initial Weight Loss Membership $3,900/year or $1000/quarter

Primary Care plus Initial Year Weight Management Membership $5000/year or $1275/quarter

Weight maintenance is $2,500/year or $650/quarter or included in our regular primary care membership.

Plans require a $300 initial assessment applied to the membership rate. Memberships may be subject to a yearly increase.

Initial Year Weight Management requires a 12 month committment.


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