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Nurturing Health,



Dr. Sara Trigero, MD

Dr. Amy Sanguinetti, MD, PhD

Diverse women

Your journey to better health should be supported with empathy, integrity, and expertise.


Achieve Health NV redefines the delivery of Primary Care and Weight Management in Reno, Nevada through personalized, evidence-based healthcare solutions. Doctors Sanguinetti and Trigero are both dual-board certified in Internal and Obesity Medicine to deliver a holistic approach to health and wellness. We will help you reach your goals in our luxury outpatient clinic with nutrition and exercise counseling as well as medications. Our approach to Primary Care and Weight Management ensures you have a team to help you every step of the way. Quality care provides more than better health-it brings a better life to you and your family.

Are you ready to nurture your health and elevate your life?


is a journey

"Let Achieve Health NV be your partner, offering guidance and unwavering support on your path to optimal health."

Women showing body inclusivity
Healthy food and nutrition

Holistic Care | Lifestyle Counseling | Weight Loss

Our unique clinic model ensures each member receives the personalized care and dedicated time they deserve to reach their health and wellness goals. You will sit down together with one of our board-certified physicians to complete an initial consultation. Our team will assess your health using state-of-the-art methods, including body composition assessments, and discuss your goals for the future. Next, we’ll create a tailored treatment plan and set you up with a direct-pay membership. Achieve Health NV memberships go beyond the standard checklist, unlocking expansive access to care, direct access to a physician, and options to include Primary Care services. We understand the importance of your health and wellness, and we are dedicated to being your partner in reaching these goals. Let’s create a plan to restore wellness and peace back into your life.

Nevada landscape
Nevada landscape
Ranch house in central Nevada

Primary Care and Weight Management Memberships

Achieve Health NV takes a holistic and patient-centric approach to healthcare to help you achieve your goals, from weight loss to general wellness. We’re here to help you maximize your health through every phase of your journey. We will collaboratively develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your individual experiences and medical requirements, providing compassionate support throughout the process. 

Monitoring weight

Weight Management Services

Initial Consultation

Body Composition Assessment

Custom Weight Loss Plan

Medication Management

Nutrition and Exercise Counseling

Holistic Care

Comprehensive Assessment & Treatment Plan for Weight-related Conditions

Calipers for monitoring weight

Primary Care Services

Initial Consultation

Chronic Disease Management

Women’s Health Services

Men’s Health Services

Acute Care Assessment for Non-Emergent Conditions

Limited After Hours for Non-emergent Conditions

Basic Procedures, Including Skin Biopsy & Joint Injections

Monitoring weight

Membership Benefits

Direct Access to Your Physician

Same/Next-day Appointments

Face-to-face and Telehealth Appointments

No-rush Care

A Patient-centric Approach

Dr. Sara Trigero and Dr. Amy Sanguinetti
Care for all shapes and sizes


Our Physicians

Dr. Sanguinetti and Dr. Trigero are both dual board-certified physicians in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine. They will apply their experience and expertise in weight management to provide a comprehensive approach to your healthcare. They will create an evidence-based treatment plan designed to support your needs so you can meet your wellness goals as they guide you through your journey.

Dr. Amy Sanguinetti, MD, PhD

With a career marked by a profound commitment to healthcare delivery and a passion for patient care, Dr. Sanguinetti has made a significant impact in her field. During her doctoral studies, she delved deep into the world of cellular signaling pathways, focusing on insulin and oxidative stress and their role in Obesity and Diabetes. Her research during her doctoral studies led her to a passion for Primary Care and Obesity Medicine and helping patients achieve their health goals.

Dr. Amy Sanguinetti

Dr. Sanguinetti

Dr. Sara Trigero

Dr. Trigero

Dr. Sara Trigero, MD

Rooted in a rich Basque heritage, Dr. Trigero's connection to her ancestry is evident in her deep love for the land and its relation to our collective wellness. She brings a unique, holistic view to care, addressing the individuality of each patient with personalized treatment plans. Her commitment to evidence-based care and her warm and empathetic nature ensure that patients receive the highest standard of medical attention and support.

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